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The University of Debrecen is more than four hundred and fifty years old, it is Hungary’s oldest higher education institution operated continuously in the same city and as one of the largest educational centers of the country it is a central player in Hungarian higher education. It has outstanding educational, research, and innovation capacities in international comparison as well and based on these it plays a major role in the realization of objectives of national strategy. It is also one of the top 500 universities in the world. The student community of 30,000 can study in 14 faculties, in institutions of excellent scholarly standard. As a leading university it is known in Hungary as an intellectual center providing the widest spectrum of educational programs while also closely cooperating with the private sector, the business sphere, and the local government. The university has been an excellent partner for the city of Debrecen from the very beginning and it is one of the main driving forces behind the city’s development. Besides the performance of its basic functions and duties at the highest standard and quality, we are dedicated to playing an active role in the development of the economy in the Northern Great Plain Region and acting as a service provider for innovation by companies of the region, primarily in the health industry, biotechnology, agriculture, and technology.

University of Debrecen is renowned internationally as a prestigious educational and scholarly research and development institution in the fields of agricultural sciences, arts and humanities, health sciences, law, economics, engineering, educational sciences, medicine, social sciences, natural sciences and music;

Hungarian Accreditation Committee (HAC) is an independent association that assures the quality of Hungarian tertiary education institutes. WBS has acquired the HAC accreditation and thanks to the association we can ensure a continous high standard of education. /


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  • Collages for Advance Studies
  • Talent Management Programs
  • Dual Barchelors Program
  • Debrecen Summer School